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Goods and services tax (GST Services)

GST registration and filing services

Whitespace helps you get GST right the first time, so you can focus on scaling your business

Know How

Filing GST made easy to understand

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Who must register

  • One who sell goods in excess of Rs 40 lakhs
  • Any Service providers making over Rs 20 lakhs
  • A person engaged in the inter-state (one state to another state) export of goods or services
  • A casual taxable person engaged in taxable supply; Persons liable to pay tax under reverse charge mechanism
  • A non-resident taxable person engaged in providing taxable supply
  • E-commerce operators
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Quick facts

  • GST in India was implemented on July 1, 2017
  • There are 5 rates of taxes in GST i.e. 0%, 5%, 12%, 18% and 28%
  • After the implementation of GST, sales tax, service tax, customs duty, excise duty, VAT, Octroi tax, etc. will not exist.
  • After the implementation of GST, the tradition of ‘Tax upon Tax&’; gets eliminated.
  • For GST, the taxable event is a supply of goods and services. This term covers within its ambit all kinds of existing taxable events.
  • Alcoholic liquor for human consumption has been kept outside the scope of GST.
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Why consult us?

At Whitespace, we understand the financial burden that a business has to bear to have a full-fledged accounts department. Especially when one has to adapt to constant updates and processes laid by the Government. Businesses now more than ever need a consultant and an experienced team with the right skills to make doing business easy for you. Hence, our GST registration and filing services make your business compliances easy.

We Offer

These GST registration and filing Services

GSTR1 return is the return to report all your sales transactions (B2B or B2C), Debit & Credit Notes. This return can be filled either monthly or quarterly depending on your annual turnover.

A compliant business filing GSTR1 return on a timely basis with accurate data is the recipe for HAPPY CUSTOMER

IFF return which means Invoice Furnishing Facility being optional in nature for filing, this return can be used only by Businesses having Turnover below 5 Crore and if they are filing GSTR1 return quarterly.

Customers in the B2B segment can take the benefit of GST credit monthly.

GSTR3B return is to report and pay your GST liability which can be filed either monthly or quarterly depending on your annual turnover.

A compliant business filing GSTR3B accurately and on a timely basis helps businesses to avoid notices from Govt.

CMP-08 is to be used by businesses who have taken registration in GST under the Composition scheme. This return is to be filed quarterly by business to report and pay GST liability.

GSTR5 is a return to be filed by NON-Resident businesses during which NON-RESIDENT businesses carry their transactions in India. This return is to be filed on a monthly basis or within a week of expiry of the GST registration.

Businesses have to report sales transactions, Debit notes, Credit notes, Imports of Goods, tax liability, and refund claim

GSTR5A is a return to be filed monthly by NON-Resident businesses who are in the business of providing Online Information and Database Access or Retrieval (OIDAR) services to a person in India who is a non-taxable customer. (B2C Customer)

Businesses must report sales transactions made to consumers in India (B2C Segment) only.

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