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Income tax return filing services

Ledgers and checkboxes making you feel dizzy? Few people enjoy tax day. But, we do! At Whitespace, we’ve got Poindexters that relish in tax forms.

Filing Taxes a Must-Do for Me and You

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The Income Tax Return

Any individual with a total income exceeding the threshold exemption limit is mandatorily required to file her/his income tax return (ITR). Under the Income Tax Act, non-filing of returns can attract a penalty of Rs 5,000. Apart from the basic advantage of avoiding legal implications arising from tax evasion, filing your ITR is a way of having legitimate proof of your annual income for the purpose of Loans, Visa, etc.

It is mandatory for all business enterprises to report their annual profits and the tax paid or payable thereon.

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Tax Notices

Tax notices are issued based on tax logic built in the Income Tax system and taxpayers can avoid these notices only if they ensure that tax returns are filed well within time, income details declared in ITR are in sync with Income Tax records, limit the cash withdrawal and deposits in a bank account and report sale/purchase of wealth and assets, etc. One should timely respond to these notices and in the right manner as well.

Income Tax Return Filing

Best Expert Consultants

An expert consultant can help you minimize your tax liability, capitalize on tax deductions and manage your tax situation. With more expertise than standard tax preparers, consultants can help with tax planning, inheritance issues, charitable giving, and other complex tax needs in the tax structure.

A few pointers

Categories of our income tax return filing services

Everyone who rakes in the dough has to pay the piper.  Even though income tax is paid on the basis of monthly earnings, it is calculated annually, and so, sifting through all the paperwork can be a headache. At Whitespace, through our income tax return filing services, we dredge through your:

  • Source of Income only from Salary
  • Saving bank interest
  • Form 16
  • Bank Statements
  • Investments & Deductions Proof

Did dividends pay a jackpot and now you’re not sure how to fill your tax form? At Whitespace, we take the hassle out of these by our income tax return filing services:

  • Interest on FD & bonds
  • Sale of Shares or House Property (capital gains)

It’s said that the world is one big family, but not when it comes to taxes. Creating a HUF allows for pooling assets within Hindu families.

  • Income from Proprietorship business or HUF

Explore our TDS/TCS compliance services. We make this easy through our income tax return filing services for the same.

  • Monthly TDS / TCS Payment & Quarterly TDS / TCS return filing
  • TDS on sale of property
  • Lower TDS deduction certificate

Let’s get started with our income tax return filing services!

We help entrepreneurs get ready to raise capital. Please note that we cannot help our clients raise capital.

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